Financial Obligation

Students registering for classes incur a financial obligation to the University. If you will not be attending in the semester for which you registered, you must drop your classes by the 100% adjustment period deadline. Otherwise, you will be responsible for all or a portion of your registration charges (tuition, fees, housing and meals).

Students who officially withdraw, are suspended, drop or decrease their program after the first day of instruction may expect to have charges for tuition and fees adjusted or prorated as follows:

***Important Notice*** Refund policy for Maryland residents enrolled in Howard University’s online programs.

Students who reside in Maryland and take programs online through Howard University are directed to the link, below, for the refund policy which is applicable to them. Learn more about the refund policy for Maryland residents who are online students by visiting

Fall or Spring Semester:

100% 1st Day of Instruction thru 7th Calendar Day
50% 8th Calendar Day thru 40th Calendar Day
25% 41st Calendar Day thru 60th Calendar Day
0% 61st Calendar Day thru Last Day of Semester


100% 1st Day of Instruction
50% 2nd Calendar Day thru 6th Calendar Day
25% 7th Calendar Day thru 11th Calendar Day
0% 12th Calendar Day thru Last Day of Semester

The above refund policies apply to total semester charges. For example, if a student who is paying on the deferred payment plan adjusts his/her program between the 8th and 40th day, no refund is due if only one-half of the total tuition and fees for the semester have been paid. If the adjustment deadline falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the next business day shall be the deadline.

Note: If the University cancels the course, the refund will be processed at 100%.