Requirements & Procedures

Premedical Requirements

Prospective medical students must have earned 71 semester hours or the equivalent in an accredited US or Canadian college or university.

  • Biology/lab (8 semester hours)
  • Inorganic Chemistry/lab (8 semester hours)
  • Organic Chemistry/lab (8 semester hours)
  • Physics/lab (8 semester hours)
  • Math/Statistics (6 semester hours) - Any college-level math course
  • Biochemistry (3 semester hours)
  • English (6 semester hours)
  • Humanities Courses (6 semester hours) – (includes additional English course work, Languages, Art, Music, History, Philosophy, Religion, etc.)

Also Recommended:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology & Embryology
  • Genetics
  • Neuroscience
  • Microbiology


The Medical College Admissions Test

The MCAT is required of all applicants and can be taken at any time, but no later than January of the year that you are seeking admission. Only MCAT scores taken within the last 3 years prior to matriculation will be considered.

For MCAT information, see:


AMCAS and Secondary Applications

For AMCAS information, see:

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) application must be used by all prospective applicants to the College of Medicine. The deadline for filing the completed AMCAS application is December 15 of the year immediately preceding the school year in which the applicant expects to enter medical school. Once AMCAS has notified HUCM Admissions that the application has been verified, the College of Medicine will invite, via email, the applicant to submit a secondary application.


Technical Standards of the College of Medicine

A physician must have the knowledge and skills to function effectively in a broad variety of laboratory and clinical situations. Students matriculating in and graduating from Howard University College of Medicine must be able to meet the technical requirements of the academic program and not pose a threat to the well-being of patients or themselves.

The COM faculty has declared that matriculating students and candidates for admission should have the capabilities and skills described below to graduate.

The COM requires compliance with these technical standards with or without accommodation. Access the complete Technical Standards of the College of Medicine.


AAMC PREviewTM exam

The PREview exam was developed to measure applicants’ knowledge of effective and ineffective behaviors related to core pre-professional competencies. This knowledge serves as a foundation for further learning and developing in these areas during medical school and is a necessary precursor to behaving effectively. The AAMC collaborated with subject matter experts in the medical school community, including faculty, admissions officers, and student and diversity affairs officers, to develop the PREview exam for medical school admission. Engaging subject matter experts ensures the exam meaningfully and fairly measures pre-professional competencies and is scored to align with medical schools’ expectations and standards for future medical school students.


The AAMC PREview exam assesses examinees’ understanding of effective pre-professional behaviors across the following eight core competencies for entering medical students. For more information on the AAMC PREview, please visit the following website preview/about-aamc-preview-professional-readiness-exam

Figure 1. AAMC core competencies for entering medical students.


Pre-Professionalism Diagram


Other Admissions Facts

  • Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement and potential as well as appropriate intellectual personal and social traits.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an interest in solving the problems associated with health disparities and should have experience working or volunteering with underserved communities.
  • Applicants should meet the GPA and MCAT scores: Science GPA of 3.0 and a MINIMUM total MCAT 494 (New MCAT).
  • Admission into any of the Dual M.D. degree programs and the regular M.D. degree are highly competitive. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee an interview, nor admission.

If you are accepted to the College of Medicine:

Students who have accepted our offer of admissions are expected to submit medical forms (immunization and history, and transcripts [if classes were taken after the AMCAS verification], no later than June 30).

For accepted International Students ONLY, financial information must be submitted no later than June 30.


Criminal Background Checks

To maintain the safety and well-being of patients, maintain the ability of accepted applicants and enrolled medical students to become licensed as physicians, and reduce liability concerns affecting medical schools and their affiliated clinical facilities, AAMC recommends a criminal background check for all enrolled medical students.

Students conditionally admitted as incoming freshmen into the Howard University College of Medicine (HUCM) will be subject to a Criminal Background Check (CBC) through the AMCAS facilitated CBC of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). To matriculate into the COM, all new entrants MUST satisfactorily pass the criminal background check. Additionally, a second background check and drug screening will be administered, and must be satisfactorily passed, prior to matriculation into the junior year of study.


I need to talk to someone. Who should I call?

Prior to contacting the College of Medicine, please review the information on the website regarding our admissions requirements so you can prepare your questions in advance. Also, be sure to have your AMCAS number readily available.  We can be reached at (202-806-6279) Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.  During our interview season (August-April) the best times to call are provided below:

  • Mondays: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm EST
  • Thursdays: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST
  • Fridays: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm EST

The Admissions Office hosts a FIRST FRIDAY OPEN HOUSE on the first Friday of each month between August and April (except holidays). Please note: First Friday Open Houses are not offered May, June and July.  A presentation and question & answer session starts promptly at 12:00 pm. A tour of the medical school will begin about 12:45 pm.

HUCM First Friday Registration Link 2023-2024

Unscheduled visits to the Admissions office are not encouraged.

How do I get a secondary application?

The HUCM Admissions office will receive notification when your application has been verified. Shortly after, all applicants will receive an email titled “FROM HOWARD U COLLEGE OF MEDICINE—VERIFICATION OF AMCAS APPLICATION" stating that the application is complete. The first Invitation to complete the HUCM secondary will be mailed on or about August 15.

The first emails will be sent on August 15 and emails will continue to be sent until January 1. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your secondary via email.

When can I expect to get an interview?

You must be interviewed to be accepted to the College of Medicine. However, we cannot interview every applicant. Applicants selected for interviews will receive invitations to interview via email. Interviews will take place between late September and late April. Please do not call to request an interview.

Do you take AMCAS fee waivers?

No, Howard University does not accept fee waivers. However, we work to keep our secondary applications affordable ($75.00).

How long will it be until I hear if I will get an interview?

We will be reviewing applications from August until mid-April. If you are chosen for an interview, you will receive an email invitation within three weeks of the suggested interview dates. You will choose the date best for you.

Should I send transcripts?

No. Please do not send transcripts unless requested. They will not be reviewed and will not be acknowledged.

What about letters of recommendation?

All recommendations must be submitted to AMCAS. See: We will require either:

  1. A health professions committee letter of evaluation (composite letter), or

  2. A letter packet from your college/university which includes at least two letters written by science faculty (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math) who taught you and gave you a grade, or

  3. There is no limit on the number of recommendations.  However, at least two (2) MUST be letters written by science faculty (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math) who taught you and gave you a grade.