Application Instructions by Program

Medical Doctor (M.D.)

The curriculum of the College of Medicine is designed as a program of instruction and training to produce the physician-scientist. Students in pursuit of the Medical Doctor (also know as a "Doctor of Medicine") degree are enrolled in the traditional four-year program.

Courses offered in the College of Medicine are available only to students in the health professions or graduate biomedical degree programs. Students in other programs who wish to enroll in medical courses must first meet all prerequisites for these courses.

To apply for course admission, a written request must be made to the Dean of the College of Medicine, with endorsement by the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. Written approval must be granted by the College of Medicine and will be based on available space in the course, as well as whether the course is essential for the specific student's program of study. Such written approval is required prior to authorization by the Office of Enrollment Management to admit a student to a course.

Dual Degree Programs

B.S./M.D. Program

The BS/MD Program allows the student to complete the requirements for both the BS and MD degree in six years instead of the customary eight years. A limited number of students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences will be admitted each year to the Howard University College of Medicine as part of the entering class of traditionally selected students.

BS/MD requirements for entering into the College of Medicine include: Minimum science GPA of 3.25; minimum overall GPA of 3.5; minimum total MCAT score of 504; strong interview and supportive letters of recommendation.

Please click on the link here for further information regarding the 2023 Application Cycle for this accelerated program for incoming freshmen who are Biology & Chemistry majors. 

Admission to this special program is by invitation only and invitations to apply are sent in mid-May. The enrollment deadline for Howard University is May 1st. While there are no citizenship requirements for this program, eligible students must have first been accepted to Howard University. For general information on Howard University, please visit 

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Howard University College of Arts and Sciences

Center for Pre-Professional Education

1851 9th Street, NW, Room 413

Washington, DC 20001


MD/Ph.D. Program

The Howard University College of Medicine and the Graduate School jointly offer an M.D./Ph.D. Program. The eight graduate departments that currently award the Ph.D. in this program are anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, genetics and human genetics, microbiology, pharmacology, and physiology and biophysics. This new integrated program draws on the strong history of medical education at Howard University and provides courses and seminars that prepare students for leadership roles as clinicians, scientists, and scholars. Each of these departments has many years of experience in successfully training Ph.D. professionals who are much sought after in academia, industry, research institutes and various service agencies. For more information or for an application, contact:

Howard University College of Medicine

520 W St, NW

Washington, DC 20059

Phone: (202) 806-6381


Dual M.D./M.B.A. Degrees Program

A limited number of medical students in the College of Medicine may enroll in the M.B.A. program, so that at the end of five years these students will receive the M.D. and the M.B.A. degrees.  Students must meet the criteria for admission to the MBA program and must also successfully complete the first two years in the medical school and pass Step 1 of the USMLE.  The students will then be granted a one year leave of absence from the College of Medicine to enroll in the Business School for a total of 39 credit hours.  After successful completion of the M.B.A. curriculum, the students then return to the College of Medicine to complete the requirements for the M.D. degree. Medical students who wish to enroll in this program may obtain more information from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine and must write a letter to the said Associate Dean requesting permission program prior to applying for the M.B.A. program.

Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

Six training programs leading to the Master of Science and/or Doctor of Philosophy degree are available in the College of Medicine. These degrees are offered through programs in anatomy, genetics & human genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and physiology & biophysics. For admission and specific degree requirements, students should consult the Graduate School.