Mission And Vision

We have a talented and productive group of faculty who are committed to aggressively enhancing our department’s contributions to science, education and scholarly literature. We intend to bring increased recognition to the department, college, and university through scientific contributions in our research areas of strength.

Mission Statement

  • Provide students with an outstanding educational experience that prepares them for careers in the Health Professions, Biomedical Research, and Academia. 
  • Conduct innovative and cutting edge research that addresses vital issues related to human health and physiology.
  • Advocate for excellence in education and healthcare for underrepresented population.

 Vision Statements

  • Maintain excellent quality in our academic programs by evaluating our performance annually.
  • Continue building toward national and international recognition for excellence in research and scholarly activity.
  • Develop ongoing interdepartmental partnerships to extend and enrich our academic and research profiles.
  • Promote and empower faculty, students, and alumni that lead to a substantial enhancement in departmental visibility and the scientific community’s understanding of our academic/research expertise.
  • Attract high achieving students and well established faculty members.