Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship

The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program provides contracts for financial assistance to medical students in exchange for an active duty service commitment to one of the Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, or Navy).

Obligations incurred in the program will be served as a medical officer (physician) in the appropriate service. Application is made to each service separately and, although the programs are basically similar, there are a few minor variations. Information contained on this page applies to all three programs.


(for each school year, up to four years)

  • Full tuition, whatever that tuition may be;

  • Educational expenses, including required textbooks, lab fees, and medical instruments;

  • A monthly living allowance (which is taxable income); and

  • An annual 45-day Active Duty Tour. Regardless of whether or not students actually spend this time in a military installation, they will be awarded full pay and allowances at the level of an Ensign in the Navy or a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army of Air Force.


Because the total number of persons in the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program is restricted, each service offers a limited number of new scholarships each year. This number may include students training in health professions other than medicine. Competition for these scholarships is keen. Scholarships are most often granted to incoming freshmen.

Program Selection

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. citizenship;

  • Acceptance to or current enrollment in an accredited medical school in the United States or Puerto Rico;

  • Be physically and morally qualified;

  • Willingness to sign an agreement that he or she will:

    1. Complete the educational phase of the program.

    2. Accept a commission in the appropriate military service and accept a reappointment into the Medical Corps of the appropriate military service upon completion of the program.
    3. Accept a first year postgraduate training position in a military institution if offered a position by the service

A selection board of medical officers from the appropriate service selects the applicants on the basis of:

  • Academic performance (GPA and MCAT scores)

  • Faculty recommendations

  • Leadership potential

  • Motivation to become a career medical officer

Applicants who show special interest in military service, who have prior military service, or who are presently in the military may have an edge in the selection process.

Obligation: In return for scholarship benefits, students agree to serve as physicians in the Army, Air Force, or Navy (whose physicians also serve the Marines). The obligation is one year of service per year of scholarship support.  All scholarship students are required to apply to military residencies in a separate and independent military match. While time spent in a military postgraduate training program does not incur additional obligated service, it also does not count toward the fulfillment of the service obligation. Students not matched to a military residency may request permission to pursue a civilian residency.

For applications and information

  • NAVY: Navy Recruiting District Maryland, Naval Recruiting, 6525 Belcrest Road, Suite 450, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 - Telephone: (301) 394-0502

  • ARMY - U.S. Army Health Care Recruiting Center, 6810 Deer Path Road, Suite 400 Elkridge, MD 21075 - Telephone: (410) 379-0691

  • AIR FORCE - USAF Health Professions Officer Recruiter U.S. Air Force Recruiting Office 5211 Auth Road, Suite 202 Suitland, Maryland 20746-4396 - Telephone: (301) 394-0904