It is strongly suggested that candidates utilize the services of the health professions advising offices at their university or college.

HUCM requires at least two letters of recommendation from science professions (i.e., instructors who taught applicant in classroom or lab and gave a grade) or a committee letter of evaluation. Letters from research staff or volunteer venues will be accepted IN ADDITION to science recommendations referred to above. All letters of recommendations MUST be sent to AMCAS for uploading. Do not send letters of recommendation to the HUCM Admissions office unless requested. They will not be reviewed. We will be able to review your letters electronically along with the rest of your AMCAS application.

If available, candidates may participate in electronic evaluation services such as Interfolio or VIRTUAL EVALUATIONS. Virtual Evaluation and Interfolio participate in the AMCAS recommendation system.

Because of the large number of recommendations, and because recommendations now are sent to AMCAS, we do not acknowledge receipt of recommendations. If you have received validation from AMCAS that your recommendations have been received and if you have received acknowledgement of receipt of your HUCM secondary, you can consider your file complete.