Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) Planning Document

Summary Timeline / Steps for Planning Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Step 1. Due Before the End of Previous Fiscal Year

1. Director holds meetings with all persons with responsibility for any aspect of the departments’ RSS (Chief Resident, Residency Director and Coordinator, office administrative director, etc. )

a. Discusses Gap Analysis; ACCME Criteria, Standards for Commercial Support, Content Validation, Physician Attributes/Competencies, etc.

b. Part 1 of Application to be completed by the planning/program committee

c. Disclosure forms from each planning/program committee member

Step 2. Due by July 1 (or such time as accreditation is desired).

1. Part 2 of Application to be completed by the FACULTY MEMBER responsible for the series.

2. Disclosure forms from departments’ attending staff and residents

Step 3. Due One Month Before the Session, If Applicable

Letter of Agreement and Request/Application for commercial support

Step 4a. & b. Due One Month Before Guest Speaker Presents

1. Requirements for Guest Speakers

2. Disclosure Form

3. W-9, if honorarium is to be paid (University Policy: Over $1,000 honorarium MUST be Justified in writing)

Step 5. Due Weekly; No Later Than Monthly

Sheets

Step 6. Due Quarterly

Evaluation Summary/Report of audience responses for the quarter, NOT evaluation of the current session date on which the evaluation is being conducted (This is important to stress to audience.)

Step 7. Due by No Later Than August 30

Outcomes Measurement Report