Disclosure Policy

For Faculty/Speakers, Moderators, Planning Committee:

All individuals who take part in planning and implementing a Howard University (HU) sponsored or jointly sponsored Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity must disclose all information relating to a possible conflict of interest, preliminary to participation in the CME event as committee member, faculty or consultant.

A conflict of interest in continuing medical education is described as any relationship or affiliation with a commercial entity or other organization that may be perceived by others as a potential cause of bias. This usually refers to a commercial organization which has an interest in a product or service relevant to the subject matter of the educational activity. Examples: stock ownership, current or past employment, paid consultant services, paid speaking engagements, funded research activities. The conflict of interest may be due to individual relationship or the relationship of a family member within the past 12 months.

The disclosure of a relationship(s) does not exclude the person from serving as a member of the planning committee, faculty or consultant. The disclosure does not mean that the person will be biased, but it provides the program planner and audience information in interpreting the educational presentation.

Relationship(s) with commercial industries must be provided to the audience on printed materials prior to or during the activity as needed.

The HUCME Policy on Disclosure applies to all publications of accredited activities, including brochures, syllabi/manuals, television productions, videos and conference proceedings.