Anatomical Gifts Program

The Donor Program of the Department of Anatomy at Howard University is responsible for supplying the anatomical specimens necessary for our health professional students to learn anatomy.

Anatomy is the science which provides the bases for the study of medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy and the other health sciences. The Donor Program of the Department of Anatomy serves a twofold purpose. The Program serves the residents of the local neighborhoods and the students who will later practice in the same communities.

Burying a loved one has become an expensive commitment during an already trying and emotional time. The cost of a funeral home, a casket, transportation costs, a burial plot and the other numerous expenses associated with the loss of a loved one can be devastating to people of modest means. The Department of Anatomy at Howard University will at no cost pick up the deceased, embalm them, cremate and return the ashes to the family in a funeral urn. The body will be used to learn anatomy by the very same health professional students who will serve the community after their education.

Please contact:

Lynette Thompson

Administrative Coordinator, Anatomical Gifts Program

Office: 202-806-6556

Steven Cosgrove

Anatomical Curator, Anatomical Gifts Program

Office: 202-806-9869


Howard University College of Medicine 

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