Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Meeting the cost of a medical education is a topic of concern for most medical students, their parents, and, if married, their spouses. Students of the Howard University College of Medicine are fortunate that a lower tuition is charged here than at most of the other private medical schools in the country. Indeed, our tuition is comparable to many public medical schools. Although it may be less expensive to attend Howard University than many other medical schools, educational costs exceed personal resources for the majority of our students. This difference between expenses and resources can be met through a variety of financial aid programs.

Some of these programs are directly available to the student, while others can only be identified through submission of an application for financial aid to the College of Medicine. For each student who applies and is eligible for aid, a financial aid package will be recommended consisting of an expected family contribution plus scholarships and/or loans. Students should realize, however, that all expenses cannot be met through financial aid. Every effort should be made to supplement financial aid through summer employment and earnings prior to medical school. However, do not plan to work during medical school.

Each student should formulate a carefully planned expense budget. This budget should include tuition and fees, books, equipment, supplies, rent, food, transportation, and personal expenses. The student should make every effort to identify ways (such as sharing an apartment with a roommate) to reduce expenditures.

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance for First-Year Medical Students

Items in bold are mandatory charges.

Tuition $46,610
Fees $1,790.00
Books / Supplies $1,900.00
Room $14,644.00
Meals / Board $5,150.00
Incidentals $3,670.00
Transportation $2,500.00
Technology Fee $250.00
Endowment Fee $30.00
Student Self Help Fund Fee $10.00
Computer Tech Fee $50.00
Disability Fee $78.00
Association Fee $42.00
Comprehensive Fee $506.00
Standard Patient Fee $300.00
Student Activity Fee $126.00
Student Health Fee $1,560.00
Simulation Lab Fee $300.00
Travel $100.00
Uniform Cost $370.00
Instruments $500.00
Uniform Care $82.00
Loan Fees $2,236.00
Total $81,014.00

Students mandated to enroll in the Summer Directed Study Program are charged $600 for one course and $1200 for two courses.

Tuition and fees are subject to change upon vote of the Board of Trustees of Howard University.