Admission Timetable 

  • August 15 - January 14:
    Invitations to complete HUCM Secondary Application are sent by email to Verified Applicants.

  • September through April:
    Interviews are scheduled.  HUCM interviews about 300 students per year. Invitations to interview are sent via email. Selected students will be invited approximately one-month prior to anticipated dates.

  • December 15 Deadline:
    AMCAS Application.

  • January 15 Deadline:
    Deadline for submitting HUCM secondary for applicants submitting AMCAS on or around December.

  • March 15:
    Interim Email is sent to students who have not been invited to Interview.

  • Beginning in mid-March:
    Final emails will be sent to applicants who are not being considered for an interview.

  • Mid-July:
    Orientation begins.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the admissions' cycle.