1867 Health Innovations Project

1867 Health Innovations Project (1867), an innovation program that supports researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate partners, who possess a desire to tackle complex health challenges confronting medically underserved communities.

1867 will promote programs to incent digital health innovation and adoption, while cultivating an environment to refine, test, and scale new digital health solutions. 1867 aims to collaborate with key tech, government, academic, business, and health stakeholders to cultivate a robust digital health ecosystem to promote research and education initiatives. 1867 will ensure programs deliver measurable, scalable, and sustainable results to catalyze entrepreneurship and investment in medically underserved communities.

1867’s programs will support and prioritize digital health solutions that correspond with the Triple AIM—enhancing patient experience, improving health of populations, and lowering health care cost—to assist providers with the transition to value-based care. Accordingly, 1867 will initially concentrate on virtual health care innovations that facilitate greater medical care access and health outcomes, specifically in the areas of mobile apps, sensors, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, voice recognition, and data analytics.