George Littleton

picture of George K. Littleton
George K. Littleton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Member of Board of Trustee, H

Contact Information:
Office: Numa P. G. Adams Bldg.
Room 2408C
Office Telephone: 202-806-3322


B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia MO. (1962)
M.S., University of Missouri- Columbia, MO. (1969)
PhD, University of Missouri- Columbia, MO.  (1975)


Gastrointestinal Physiology:

  • 1st Year Medical Student
  • 1st Year Dental Students
  • Pharmacy Students
  • Allied Health Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology Allied Health Students
  • Gastrointestinal Physiology- Review Normal GI- (2nd Year Medical Students)
  • Endocrine System Unit OS5- Coordinator- (2nd Year Medical Students)


The Effect of H. pylori on Human Gastric Cell Function
To understand the interrelationship between the paradigm of obesity,
Diabetes and hypertension

Research Funding

PI -  MBRS/SCORE Program NIH/NIGMS (1980 -2013)