Eva Polston

Eva Polston, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
E-mail: epolston@howard.edu 
Office: Numa P. G. Adams Bldg., Suite: 2420, Room: 2418C
Office Telephone: 202-806-6337
Laboratory: Numa P. G. Adams Bldg., Room: 2517


B.A., Oberlin College (1986)
Ph.D., Boston University (1998) 
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College (1998-2000)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon Health Science University (2000-2004)


Structure and Function (Medical)
Basic Medical Physiology (Dental)
General Physiology (Allied Health)


Gender differences in mental illness and neurological disorders
Developmental programming
Neurodevelopmental disruption


Howard University BFPSAP Award (current)
Faculty Seed Award (2011)
ACC Long-range Research Initiative (2004-2006)

Selected Publications

Young JK, Polston EK (2013).  Specialized features of the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus.  In The Human Hypothalamus: Anatomy, Functions and Disorders,  Dudas B, ed.,  Nova Publishing Company, Hauppauge, NY.

Kalifa S, Polston EK, Allard JS, Manaye KF (2010).  Distribution patterns of cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the hippocampus of APP(swe)/PS1(ΔE9) double transgenic mice.  Brain Res. 1376: 94-100.

Patisaul HB, Polston EK (2008).  Influence of endocrine active compounds on the developing brain.  Brain Research Reviews 57(2):352-62.

Patisaul HB, Fortino AE, Polston EK (2008).  Sex differences in serotoninergic but not GABAergic projections to the rat ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus. Endocrinology 149(1):397-408.

Patisaul HB, Fortino AE, Polston EK (2007).  Differential disruption of nuclear volume and neuronal phenotype in the preoptic area by neonatal exposure to genistein and bisphenol-A. Neurotoxicology 28(1):1-12.

Polston EK, Simerly RB (2006). Ontogeny of the projections from the anteroventral periventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus in the female rat..  Journal of Comparative Neurology 495(1):122-132.

Polston EK, Gu G, Simerly RB (2004).  Neurons in the principal nucleus of the bed nuclei of the stria terminalis provide a sexually dimorphic GABAergic input to the anteroventral periventricular preoptic nucleus.  Neuroscience 123:793-803.