Robert L. Copeland, Jr., Ph.D.

picture of Robert L. Copeland
Robert L. Copeland

Associate Professor

PhD, Howard University, 1985  



Research Interests
The lack of effective therapies for advanced breast and prostate cancers reflects, in part, the lack of knowledge about the molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of this disease. In developing a more tailored treatment approach leading to better management of prostate cancer; we synthesized in-house a number of compounds. These compounds (imido-substituted 2-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinones) provide new leads for the development of potent and pharmacologically useful selective agents in cancer treatment.  To date we have screened over 200 compounds for cytotoxic effects in breast and prostate human cancer cell lines.  Our current studies are focused on the cytotoxic effects with these imido-substituted 2-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinones as multiple targeted MAPK inhibitors in in vitro and in vivo experiments.  These compounds seemly exert inhibitory effects though inhibition of the PI3k/AKT survival pathways and on the Ras/Raf/Mek/Erk proliferative cascade. These results suggest that this multiple targeted MAPK inhibitor approach of the proliferative cascade could result in enhanced antitumor efficacy.

Selected Publications:

  1. Kanaan, Y.M., White, D.F., Das, J.R., Bakare, O.,Kenguele, H., Beyene, D. Zhou, Y., Day, A.A., Copeland, R.L. Jr. 2010. Cytotoxic effects of N-(3-Chloro-1,4-dioxo 1,4-dihydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-benzamide on androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cell lines,  Anticancer Research, 30, 519-528.
  2. Kanaan, Y.M., Beyene, D., Daremipouran, M., Mireku-Boateng, A., Williams, R., Jackson, A., Bonney, G.E., Apprey, V., Daniel, M.G., Wutoh, A., Phillips-Rohan, J.A., Ricks-Santi, L., Copeland, R.L. Jr. 2012. Association of cumulative ultraviolet radiation exposure with prostate cancer risk in a case-control study of African-American men. The Open Prostate Cancer Journal, 5:8-14.
  3. Copeland, R.L. Jr. and Kanaan, Y.M. 2012. Inflammatory breast cancer is associated with hyperactivated mitogen activated kinase; J. of Autacoids
  4. Brandy, Y., Ononiwu, I., Adedeji, D., Williams, V., Mouamba, C., Kanaan, Y., Copeland, R.L., Wright, D.A., Butcher, R.J., Denmeade, S.R., Bakare, O. 2012. Synthesis and cytotoxic activities of some 2-Arylnaphtho [2,3-d]oxazole-4,9-dione derivatives on androgen-dependent (LNCaP) and androgen-independent (PC3) human prostate cancer cell lines. Invest New Drugs, 2012, 30(4):1709–1714.
  5. Beyene, D., Daremipouran, M., Copeland, R., Williams, R., Bonney, G., Apprey, V., Wutoh, A., Ricks-Santi, L., Kassim, O., Kanaan, Y. 2013. Fascin immunostaining is associated with triple negative breast cancer in African Americans.   (No. EPI-12-1267), Cancer Epidemiology. Submitted

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