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Long White Coat Ceremony

Long White Coat Ceremony

March 17, 2017

To commemorate Match Day, a professional milestone of graduating medical students, Dr. Daphne P. Bazile introduced the First Annual Long White Cost Ceremony in 2002.  It is through this ceremony that senior medical students remove their short white coats and receive their long white coats, which is a symbol of their ascension in the profession of the healing arts.  Today, graduating seniors across the country learn of their acceptance into residency training programs with the ceremonious “opening of the envelop.”

Family, dear friends, and mentors come together to celebrate this indelible moment by “cloaking” the graduating class with long white coats; thus, symbolizing their transition from medical students to practicing physicians.

In a 2013 survey of physicians, the results show that African American and Hispanic physicians were five and two times more likely, respectively, than majority physicians to practice in communities with high proportions of African Americans and Hispanic residents.  Howard University College of Medicine serves a vital role in training physicians that will care for the most  sick, vulnerable and under-served members of our society.  

Watch the celebration of Our future physicians!!

Long White Coat Ceremony