Grand Rounds

The Surgery Grand Rounds is a weekly conference that discusses the Morbidities and Mortalities that occurred the previous week. This forum explores the management details of specific surgical cases and evidenced based presentation on varies topics are also made. It is a forum for Faculty, residents, medical student, community surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

This is an educational opportunity, as opposed to culpability. Our Surgery Grand Rounds and M & M conferences are aligned with the ACGME’s core competencies.

Another positive aspect of this conference is that Faculty members involved in the care of the patients, as well as those with special expertise in specific content area actively participate. We not only use the traditional case-based knowledge and patient care, attendees are stimulated to reflect on details of process and system failures, where the essence of the systems-based practice and practice-based learning are captured.

Ethical considerations are intertwined. Additionally, emphasis is placed on fostering a multidisciplinary collaborative approach towards safety and quality involvement ·

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