HUH Advantage

Howard University Hospital is a diverse and collegial training hospital. Among the many advantages of residency at Howard are the opportunity to train in the nation's capital, as well as to serve a diverse, underserved patient population. At Howard, we are distinctly positioned to address healthcare inequities, to provide care to vulnerable populations, and to address related research.  As an academic institution, we are well equipped to pursue these endeavors, engage with other departments at the hospital, and participate in larger conversations on healthcare outcomes across the region.

As Howard OB/GYNs, we are fortunate to care for patients with high risk obstetric and medical needs. The experience allows those who train here to become confident clinicians that can independently practice as OB/GYNs upon graduation from residency. Furthermore, our location in DC allows us to participate in research across institutions in the region, to actively engage with ACOG at their headquarters in DC, and to spend time at the NIH.

Within the OB/GYN residency program, we are a unique and multifaceted group of residents who speak 5 different languages, engage in a broad spectrum of research, and pursue our passions in women's health and health equity. We are supportive of one another and spend time with each other within our training program, but also outside the work setting. Most importantly, we are fortunate to have faculty members who are deeply invested in our education and personal development.