Howard University requires that people who use the dorms have access to health insurance just in case something happens to them when they are at the dorms. Howard University will provided limited health care coverage.

No. Parking is very limited and expensive on campus.  The local subway system and bus connections are readily available for use.

The program will provide books for your assigned classes.

Yes, anywhere but the dorms. This is strictly enforced out of concerns for your safety and the safety of others and that applies to your parents and family as well. Absolutely NO ONE other than SHPEP students may ever enter or stay at the dorm rooms. However, on MOVE-IN and MOVE-OUT days, your parents are welcome to help you and enter the dorms, as we welcome their assistance!!


No. Students will be provided with housing, breakfast and dinner, and a stipend that will cover the costs for the program.

No. SHPEP is exclusively for current freshman and sophomore college students. However, we encourage you to pursue other enrichment opportunities. 


SHPEP does not have a MCAT exam or DAT preparatory component. However, the program's basic science curriculum covers content that is included on the MCAT exam and DAT.

SHPEP does not accept high school transcripts. If you are a freshman in college and you have not received your first semester/quarter grades we encourage you to send in your transcripts to the National Program Office in January once your first semester/quarter grades have been established and finalized.

A pre-health advisor may be a faculty or staff member at your institution in your dean’s office, career or student services center.

This should be someone who knows your academic and personal character. Ideally this should be a pre-health advisor and/or a college professor. If none of these persons know you well enough, a high school science teacher or a local dentist, physician, pharmacist or nurse who knows you well will work. Pick someone who can speak in detail about you. (And don't forget to ask them if they can write you a positive reference letter!)

No. SHPEP is an intense full-time program with required events in the evenings and on the weekends. You will not be able to maintain a job or take classes on campus or on-line. One-hundred percent of your focus should be on SHPEP.

Yes, DACA recipients are eligible.

No. Students are required to have U.S. citizenship, hold a permanent visa (not student visa), or be DACA recipient in order to join the program.

Yes, must you have U.S. citizenship, hold a permanent visa (not student visa), or be DACA recipient in order to join the program.  In addition, must be matriculating at a US educational school.

All scholars are expected to have a neat appearance suitable for a professional environment. During clinical simulations and formal trips you will have to wear business casual clothing.  For men, this means business pants with a dress shirt and possibly a tie. 

For women, this means business pants or skirt with a blouse, or a dress.  If you wear a skirt or dress please make sure it is no shorter than right above the knee.  If we feel your attire is not proper we will not allow you to participate in clinical simulations or the field trips. Please ensure that you have enclosed shoes to where for all clinical simulations.  When you are not in clinical simulations you may wear everyday clothes, as long as it is appropriate. In addition, light jackets and or sweaters are recommended as the classrooms can be chilly.  Please keep in mind that we are in an academic and professional school setting.

Yes, travel assistance is available upon request.  Financial need must be shown. Once confirmation of participation to SHEP@HU; detailed travel requirements will be provided.

All scholars will be required to pay a $75 replacement fee for lost keys.  Howard University student’s accounts will be charged for the lost key and non-Howard University scholars will be required to pay a replacement charge directly to the dorm housing management office.  The SHPEP program will not liable for the cost of key replacements - NO EXCEPTIONS.

No high school students and those enrolled in Dual High School - (Community College) programs cannot participate in SHPEP.  No Exceptions.